Modern Cinderella Retelling

Sun, 07/02/2017 - 16:15 -- Kriggs

She had studied for the SAT's.

Of course she passed with these ease.

Cinderella knew that now the next step,

Was to find a way to finance her way through college and prep

to pursue knowledge and her prince charming love,

but then reality gave her a good, hard shove.

"What do you mean we can't afford it?!" Cinderella lamented.

"Well, maybe we could find a way..." her 'evil' stepmother relented,

"Apply for scholarships if you want to go that bad!"

Little did she know, Cinderella had.

With no luck there,

She felt stuck here,

And locked herself up, alone in her room,

When suddenly the scholarship fairy appeared amidst all the gloom.

"Hello Cinderella," the Fairy addressed,

"Clean yourself up, you look like a mess,"

"If going to college is what you want,"

"Then with these powers that I flaunt,"

"I will give you financial aid,"

"And now the tuition to the college will be payed."

"However beware, the rules are intense,"

"If your GPA drops below 3.5, it shall be taken hence."

Cinderella smiled, elated,

The warning left her dreams not at all deflated.

She had started school in the fall,

But that excitement was not all.

She had found her 'prince charming'.

However, some of his actions were kind of alarming.

He had a tendency to binge drink,

And when it came to drugs, he didn't think.

He was pulling Cinderella down with him,

But she didn't notice because they were just going out on a whim.

Slowly, her GPA dropped,

Down and down it hopped.

As her GPA struck 3.5

Suddenly, her common sense was shook alive.

She dropped the prince,

And although the descision made her wince,

She knew it was for the best.

And for college, for the rest,

She devoted herself to her studies.

It wasn't all bad though, as she found a great group of buddies.

She graduated college,

And now, with all her knowledge,

Works at a large company,

But in concern to complaints, she doesn't have any.


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