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Friends are always leaving me, that's what friends are for
All these windows keep on closing as they're walking out the door
Freshman year in high school, had two friends, to my chagrin
One spat hate like fire while the other stood and grinned
They were dragons to my damsel, had no knight in sight to see
'Till the day it finally struck me that the stalwart knight was me

Had I never heard that hate, had I never felt those flames
Every insult I'd incurred would only add to all my shame
Like Rapunzel sans the useful locks and chipper disposition
Left my cage to wager everything through social expedition
There's no prince to climb my braids, there's no duke to grab my mane
There's myself and I and me and we have all been ripped in thrain

Thicker skin to keep me sated, but if even that should fail
I can rest assured at least my skin has not yet turned to scales
Fighting back protagonistically is not an easy sport
Try to act as cruel as they have been, while steering clear of court
Cruelty for kindness a clear conscience does not make
But poetic justice? Honey, that is just a piece of cake.


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