You know the Cinderella tale,

How a peasant became a princess.

But do you know what might have happened 

If the Fairy Godmother had not appeared?

What if Cinderella never went to the ball?

What if a sudden twist of fate left another girl to marry the Prince?

What if happily ever after never happened?

What if....


Cinderella wasn't a peasant girl.

She was a rich and haughty young lady.

She lived in a brick mansion with servants,

And her kind stepmother and sweet stepsisters,

And Cinderella was as happy as she could be.

But an invitation was delivered by a Royal Messenger,

Calling all young maidens to a ball held in the Palace,

Where they could dance with the Prince!

Cinderella read the message and promptly shook her fair head.

No, no, she said, I shall not be going to this ball.

Her stepsisters, Annie and Ella, sweetly asked if they may go.

Cindy smiled and promised to lend them the carriage for the night.

Hurray! They squealed, and ran off to pick out gowns and heels.


Soon the ball had began.

There was music, sparkling lights, and PEOPLE. A lot of people!

The clean marble floors were sweeping with ladies,

Ladies wearing silk, satin, and velvet gowns, and silver and gold jewelry,

And five-inch stilletoes. Annie and Ella came dressed splendidly also,

But mostly they wore their hearts - on their sleeves.

The handsome host, Prince Charming, was getting frustrated.

He had danced with most of the attendees, and none of them suited him at all!

Most of the girls were too snobby, too wealthy, too ugly, too whiny,

Too fat, too thin, too poor, too short, too tall, or just too "odd". 

And then it was Annie's turn.

The Prince must've had a little too much wine,

Because he honestly thought Annie was the most wonderful creature on earth!

They danced for an hour, and the Prince had fallen madly in love with her.

Annie, though, was getting worried.

Cinderella's carriage would only be waiting until midnight,

And it was 11:55.

Prince Charming, however, had no intention of letting her leave.

But when Ella came running up to her sister, and whispered the time in her ear,

Annie panicked. The Prince grabbed her hand and tried to pull her closer to him,

But Annie and Ella managed to get away,

Leaving Annie's silk glove in the Prince's hand.


Cinderella heard the girls' story the next morning.

She felt bad for Annie because, due to her request,

Was now going to be miserable.

So she quickly told her stepmother to send an important letter,

By Royal Messenger, of course.

So by 12:00 noon that fateful day, 

Prince Charming himself arrived on Cindy's doorstep

To ask for Annie's hand in marriage.

Now, by today's standards, this was an odd way for a man to propose.

But that's how it happened.

Cinderella never went to the ball.

Cinderella never married Prince Charming.

Cinderella never had her " Happily Ever After ".

At least, not in this story.......


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