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i am the endless smiler i am the one laughing through the pain as my world falls down around me, i stand tall.  i cry and scream, panic and yell, but i am still here i am late nights of restless sleep
I am the one who always looks to understand. Silently watching looking for an upperhand. Not to attack or offend but to understand what one does. Sitting behind and watching the world revolve around me
Open your books to page 137. One hundred and thirty seven. You see that? Second column, almost exactly half way down. handy. Adjective.
I am a girl with a history.   I was the fat kid; the loner The ugly girl; that weirdo with a butt chin; That girl who didn’t know her own identity. I was called out of my name so many times
I am… not someone to be understood, an anomaly amid this universal locus. Escape through a dark window, a reflection of the world I’m within is in and out of focus
the gaze of a stranger sweeps over my flesh at the sight of my hair, she stops. the moment hangs... we inhale, both in preperation-- the woman gushes her admiration,
(i am)   pure intent beneath black skin the light and the end of the tunnel and the journey through (i am) a tune of expressionism
If you looked for my name on the front of a book, I don’t think you’d bat an eye, For my story would be just words on a page, All meaningless words floating by,  
I am the sunset cascading my light across the thin line separating ocean and skyI am the greener grass on the other sideI am the should have, could have, would have chance everyone regrets not taking
To say I am one thing is too simply lying to myself so dubiously:   I am enthralled by world economics While my wallet is brimming with cobwebs.  
Got red hair. Feel like that’s what people notice about me first. Not my eyes, my smile, My hair. I was born Oct 4th 1998
In my childhood, I didn't quite know what I was, But I knew I wanted to swallow the sun so I could be a star too. Too timid, I crept from a dream once lustrous and promising- Dead dream, bad dream.
I am the elegant dancerWhose moves never graced the floorI am the unstoppable athleteWith no way or chance to scoreI am the fearless fighterWhose skills never served in warI am an innovative creator
I am the product of my own mentality Skin, bones, and white as snow my imagination and my own reality  
I sit by myself and think Who am I? It should be easy to define. A solid definition that is mine but the honest truth is that cannot be because there are several words that
I'm everything I am because of everything I'm not. Someone who gives up, something i'm not. Leads with confidence and grace. Helps others whenever I can. I'm everything I am because of everything I'm not.
Who am I? It all started with that path Since the first day I’ve come by When the priest gave me that bath    It’s silly, I used to be so confident So oblivious and spoke my mind
Tears running through her face "It can't be, it's my mom," I say Never seen her cry before It's the worst feeling of them all
I am searching. Fighting hard to change my perspective, But what am I searching for? Have I dug deep enough yet? Just trying to notice Something... Something new, Something missed,
I am a never ending series Of sleepless nights and crumpled bed sheets Battered from the restlessness of my slumber A lost sheep number 4 A.M's only friend Tired   I am the burnt out light bulb
ou Only Mentioned What “I Am” By Kelsea Thompson   Dear…. Barcode why should I be a copycat I’m told not to be copycat
I am the child that has gone through trials of devastation and hate Witnessing drugs consume my relatives body and minds;  I am drug free
i was powerless when i was young, i was powerless the night it happened and every night after. i was powerless when i was young, i was powerless when i was silent and everyday after.
I am no longer a frightened, little girl who never knows "why" I no longer feel the need to constantly cry   When my father was away and fighting in the war My life for me became quite a chore
Initially, this wasn’t exactly the reality of the story I imagined I would be strolling through. Madness intertwined in my balance,
A son Taught to be strong And inspired to save lives By his mom that's fighting cancer Doctor
I am every cell of my body that makes me Alive I am every strand of DNA that is different From every other human being on the planet
There are 365 Days of the year, 7 Days of the week
Who am I? Well to answer your question I must first answer the question of what I am not
I am tenacious I spread my wings with the traumatized beast
The words "You're not good enough" rang in my ears Doubt became my friend The words "You're stupid and immature" crushed my heart into dust Doubt became my friend The words "You're too impulsive" made my blood boil
I am flawed I climb the highest mountains and slip into the darkest abysses I get jealous
I am...  A human.  A woman.  I am...  Whimisical.  Funny.  Soft.  Smiley.  Hopeless romantic. In love. I am...  Anxious.  Scared.  Hurt. 
Zebra. Not zeal or zoom or zygote (at least not anymore) nor, god forbid, zyzzyva.
I am what surrounds me. I am the sum of the Earth. I am more than just me.   I am anger, sadness, and fear and compressed into one soul. I am the pollution of the world.
I am the child that when I younger I wished I was older I Wanted to live my life and be sober As I grew up I learned Time is patience and age is earned When I was 12 I was hit by a car
                                     I Am…   Aware of people’s feelings, as I seek acknowledgement of my own Sympathetic to the outcasts, because I have been there
The cynic in the back of the room The one with caustic wit and biting retort Sarcastic, sardonic Jovial in conversation Until provoked by incompetency or stupidity   Blunt and unforgiving truth
Psychotic. Thrown from mouth to mouth.
I am.. Determined to remove myself from the feeling of hopelessness.
I am what am am and I don't give a dam.
There’s something strange about a mirror,  It doesn’t feel like you’re looking at yourself for a moment.   
I am the backpack you used
When I look into the mirror, I often get lost. Looking into her eyes, Wondering, wondering who she is.   I feel like I'm watching her, Watching her go through her life. That's not me.
I've got a confession to make. If you asked any of my friends who I am They'd probably tell you that I was born in Sharpie marker Black of course; an attempt to cover the fact
Space and Time have only met me  
I am ugly,
don’t ask me those questions they are self-erasing and ugly in nature unidentifying and dreadfully   hollow.  
   I am simple. But not simple minded.    I am Intelligent.
I am just a girl I cry I fall down I lie  But I get up I am a fighter Even when troubles seem ubiquitous And I may be overly ambition  
I am An 
Strong, caring, generous, free. I am none other Than the amazing me.
Ohkay Well where do I begin? It's nice to see you. Umm we've got the same nose I've missed you alot I'm sorry I suppose I should be more excited
I am made of moments, Of instances in time, Not of big events, That happened around me, But of the small things, The experiences I’ve had, The times I’ve endured, The moments I was in.  
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