I sit by myself and think

Who am I?

It should be easy to define.

A solid definition that is mine

but the honest truth is that cannot be

because there are several words that

make up who I am and make me, Me.

I am a woman with great strength

A woman with perseverance

I am a woman who

has been judged and oppressed

because of my city and its educational problems, because of where I am from,

the place we call home.

Yet I am a woman with intelligence.

I am a woman with drive

because to be driven means to not let

obstacles and challenges stop me from getting an education, build great relationships,

and from Living.

I am a woman of distinction

because of hard work, sweat, and much patience

because a woman of distinction means to be selfless and

Always be giving which has no extinction.

I am a woman who can be unstoppable

because being a successful hispanic woman is achievable.

So as you see there is not a single word

that defines me in a dictionary

because I am

a woman of many words.



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