I Am Human

   I am simple.

But not simple minded.

   I am Intelligent.

But not unaware of my ignorance towards some things.

   I am analytical.

But not emotionless.

   I am socially awkward.

But not for forever.

   I am Honest.

But not insensitive.

   I am indecisive.

But because I see things from all angles.

   I want to be right.

But I admit when I'm wrong.

   I have my own views and opinions.

But I'm not closed-minded to others'.

   I have struggled.

But I require no sympathy

   I have learned many things.

But I have not yet learned everything.

   I have suffered.

But suffering has made me stronger.

   Balance is what I strive for.

But sometimes chaos is unavoidable.

   I try to learn from these things.

But that doesn't mean I don't get frustrated.

   I am Human.

But humanity is not me.

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