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She wanted To dance He was Hoping For a Chance Little did They Know The Friendship That would Grow
Her name is Jasmine, the former femme fatale who, only ten years ago was said to resemble Rita Hayworth in her prime. But now her youthful beauty has withered like that of a wilted flower.
My mind flooded with thoughts such as “What if they don’t like it?” and “What will they think?” 
Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla. With an unstable mind, I am confronting the next decisions. What are the plans for tomorrow? I'm going to go to the movies. Why must I decide about tomorrow.
Comin' up in this confusing world You're not sure if you're a boy or a girl You told me not to tell your parents But could your haircut make it any more apparent?   Somebody help me get through this
Last day. Big smiles, warm hugs Laughing, refusing to cry. The outgoing one The funny one The athletic one The identity that doesn’t need an introduction. No one told me
March 1997.   A 32-year old Pakistani man leaves his village, wife, and young son in Gujrat, Punjab He went to New York even though the distance made his heart throb
Trump made me feel great The MAGA US President Goodbye, status quo
Hi  I'm 18 years old  Or should I say 18 years young  But old enough for to know my rights and wrongs.  It doesnt mean I always do what's right. 
To take away, with the accordance of a fowl, the flight of a child is not the loss of air.   The wings that protrude from the back of your aims are the soul that keeps one on fire;  
From a young age I’ve had an innate connection To objects with lights and screens, Items that presented a reflection Of a world different than ours seems
  I was raised in a town where everyone was the same shade of unaccepting and indifferent. Every person was the same wash of “keep quiet”, “don’t talk back”, and “you’ll never make it”.
I am a ration cabinet.   Every time you squeeze through my doors, under the loose chain, you take bits and pieces of me. 
i. seventeen I am mired in transition, a sense of in-between-ness: childhood & adulthood, tradition & assimilation,
Do you know what it feels like, To run your fingers through the freshly shorn grass Behind your ears, For the first time, And to feel the steady crackle of your heartbeat, Burning like a hearth, like home.
birth(Death) what is in be(Tears)ween girlboys like boygirls(Temporarily)   jackandjill happycarefreemindless (Clueless)          (i Pity, not envy)  
A baby, not even a moment oldIts story is unwritten, clean, untoldGrows into a child, encouraged to fulfill his dreamsJust be sure to fit within society’s scheme
There are certain phases that the average person will travel through before they can be considered an adult
Standing alone after a finished semester,
I ought to visit the woodlands; it is where I must return Inhaling and long exhales, enjoying the wood smoke as it burns The bright shining sun goes down, and we watch the rigid night fall enter
  The Point of Being   Transition It has all converged So long I’ve yet waited and so fast departed
I am a mover, a shaker, a music maker I am a dreamer of dreams Dreams big enough to swallow me whole With hope, and fear, and longing; Dreams that make friends quirk their head
I'm starting to wonder if it's your fault or mine. The fears of getting out populate my mind. You keep telling me things giving me assignments, peojects, homework and it's supposed to prepare me
He told me when I was broken and confused He told me when I had everything to lose He told me he loves me  
I live my life trying to create such precious memories. Living with all these people I thought were a friend to me.
The Transition Learning how to adapt while things feel so right, but are so wrong. People say "It takes time to change". It just seems to long!
                                                             Times pass. I’m moving on, So much to forget and leave behind. I must bid you all anon.  
      From Tonka Toys to Tick Tock on a clock   The time has come to put the childish things away   This prince must now become King   The training is over!!! I step into the ring
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