Still I Grow

Tue, 07/23/2013 - 23:00 -- dell425

I live my life trying to create such precious memories.

Living with all these people I thought were a friend to me.

From being stabbed in the back to catching people talking behind my back.

Still I grow.

Through the painful moments of my life, that can't even be numbed with ice.

From losing pieces of my heart, to my feelings being torn apart.

Still I grow.

Stronger and wiser each time.

Thinking that time heals all, I built up this hard brick wall.

Blocking out all feelings and emotions.

Even kind gestures and kind notions.

Hurting others unknowingly, becoming cold to the world.

Taking years to realize,

real eyes, see real lies.

Overcoming obstacles, repairing broken hearts,

and gathering missing parts.

Still I grow.


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