From a young age I’ve had an innate connection

To objects with lights and screens,

Items that presented a reflection

Of a world different than ours seems


Nerd they always called me, with malice in their voice

What they will have soon learned

Is that it was my choice


I spent my college years learning what it meant to be

A professional nerd as I liked to call it

The focus of my degree


Now that I have finished my first chapter

And have begun my transITion

Those insults will no longer be my captor

For technology is my mission


What I’ve found this year is direction

A passion for growth

In a field that depends on connection

From this year I pledge the nerd’s oath:


To better myself and others with incredible advances

To find a way to connect the world without losing our humanity

To provide the myself and others with the chances

To live in a connected world which facilitates amity


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