Country Passion

I ought to visit the woodlands; it is where I must return

Inhaling and long exhales, enjoying the wood smoke as it burns

The bright shining sun goes down, and we watch the rigid night fall enter

Shots fired in the woods, signaling hunting season and winter


I ought to visit the woodlands, to bask in the heat of a summer’s day

Watching the kids create their future memories, enjoying their own folly and play

And all I ask is that my reminiscence are forever constant in my thoughts

The breezy mornings and blazing evenings, all implanted on my own personal lot


I ought to visit the woodlands, for the cool down is sure to come

The crisp leaves crunching under my feet, summers work is officially done

For the lightning bugs have disappeared and Mother Nature is taking her course

Animals prepare for the weather ahead and that’s how it is, nothing’s forced.


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