Transition Chance

Fri, 05/23/2014 - 15:24 -- diaz290

Standing alone after a finished semester,

remembering days that’ll never come back.

I wish I had a chance to change forever

all of my future forgetting my past.


You see for some people life will come easy,

for other people life will be hard.

I gave all my will to finish my mission.

Now that I’ve done it I’m facing a wall.


Stuck in one place,

getting no calls.

Asking for help,

what do they want?


I’m just a human

asking for a chance.

Will you give it to me?

That’s all I ask!


My dream is very simple,

I just have one goal,

cure the human cancer.

Cure it once and for all.


Even though I have no one

that will cheer me up,

I seek for the love of science.

I seek to learn for a greater goal.


I will succeed. I am completely sure.

But how do I leave now this place so obscure?

There are dragging forces keeping me down.

I just wish to break free, will you help me out?


Get in my shoes for one tiny second.

I am desperate! Did I mentioned?

How can I help if I’m not alright?

How can I help when society is blind?


People have choices, but what do they do?

Stuck being selfish, ignorant, immature?

They think of themselves even when they are in need!

People wake up there is something you can give!


One single person can make a change.

Then why is everybody so afraid?

I want a change and I want it now.

I’ll put my mind to it, I’ll give it my all!

Simple, I don’t desire power, riches or wisdom.

I want to design hope for cellular prediction!

I just need a push because of today’s capitalism.

Invest in me today, stop this depotism.


Enough is said. I’ll leave you to this:

“If you could make a change what would it be?”

Now remember that you can have a chance,

to make a difference through somebody else’s hands.


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