Ode to Ode


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I am a mover, a shaker, a music maker

I am a dreamer of dreams

Dreams big enough to swallow me whole

With hope, and fear, and longing;

Dreams that make friends quirk their head

And furrow their brow, and implore me

"... but you have a back-up plan, right?"


I want to sing the song of myself

And sing the songs of others

To sing of life, love, hope, despair,

And all that lies between

To share with the world

Things I never could with speech alone.


I am a world-loser and world-forsaker

And am unafraid to turn my back to what I once knew;

I'll kiss the scorching sun and swaying palms of home goodbye

And go on my merry way

To something much bigger than what I once called home can offer.


I shall go forth and conquer my crown

Whether that may be

In the dreary rain, snow, flood, or drought

And through the boggy mire of uncertainty.


I'll hum a deathless ditty along the way-

The song of myself-

And let it ring through the trees long after I have left.


I still have yet to learn my song

The song that shall be my life, my love, my legacy.


I hope it sounds beautiful.


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