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what is in be(Tears)ween

girlboys like boygirls(Temporarily)



happycarefreemindless (Clueless)

         (i Pity, not envy)


          aesthetically, the swirly spring sun rises(

              A promise of the bright times; the carrier of Adventure)

       boastful squirrels skiphopping along the sandy sea

    cheerful bees buzz in the billowing breezes

 dillydallying toucans talk in the tall tree tops


          everyone      (mourning, neglecting)        ventures


  Wistfully, the somber solemn sun sets(

              A prelude to the Dawn; the revealer of Truths)

     Xanthous leafs Linger to the low level

        Yawning white willows Whisper in the wind

            Zoning tortoises Trample towards the teary trail


i want you(to Leave)

i need you(to Go Away)

please(Do not)come back to me


Menwomen love Womenmen(Notforever)


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