A Butterfly Journey

My mind flooded with thoughts such as “What if they don’t like it?” and “What will they think?” 

Every single day, I let my fear of what others think dictate my choices  

To the point where I stopped making my own decisions altogether  

And I laugh now remembering the nights I would cry because “friends” put me down  

My mind now asks one question only, “Does this bring me joy?” 

One day during my senior year of high school I came to a simple realization: 

Really soon, it will all be over. I won't bring this vulnerable mindset with me into adulthood. The 

Promise to myself that I will protect my heart, thoughts, and feelings is when I realized I was maturing 

Honestly, nobody ever stood out following by the thoughts and opinions of another. 

Originality, like that of a butterfly’s wings, will take me to new heights and places in life 

Soley with my past and future experiences in mind, my views have gone through metamorphosis 

Insecurity kept me in a cocoon; consumed by doubt, fears, and a negative mentality 

So, I am flying into the next 4yrs of my journey with confidence, love, and self-assurance.


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