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Lit by nature, a flame of beauty burning fiery in her eye.
Riding into the burnt sunset cloudswe decided to take a restwatching the water burningas we sat quietly on a lonely bench 
Visions of the sunset— It sets every night, Sometimes at 7 o’clock, Sometimes at 8 o’clock, Sometimes at 9 o’clock.
░B░l░a░r░i░n░g░,░ ░s░e░t░t░i░n░g░ ░s░u░n░ ░l░i░g░h░t░,░ ░s░e░t░s░ ░a░b░l░a░z░e░ ░t░h░e░ ░t░r░e░e░s░,░ ░I░ ░P░u░t░ ░j░a░z░z░ ░o░n░ ░t░h░e░ ░b░r░e░e░z░e░
sky of clouds looms heavy over my head like the weight of your love pushing down on my shoulders.   streams of milky sugar line the cotton-candy sunset and it's a bittersweet feeling.  
I know a lot of people who really like sunsets, but I prefer the sunrise. Because to me it is so much more than it's beauty, and the beautiful colors that it pains the skies.
Sometimes at night as the sun is setting, Falling below the hills like an old balloon, I see them. Mountains in the sky Ominous mounds of magic or cloud  
in the afternoon sun we   become  different people. we change color and change into color
Sunsets  (variation on a theme of Hölderlin) I 
Sunsets IIThe sun is set; the cloudscape once softly drawnin gold and rust now fades to a single grey.  All glow has gone; the wind bites coldly.  Bear with your sorrow: the dawn comes slowly.
I’ve had a backyard of my own essentially my whole life now. Five flower bushes made of splashes of red and white, 
there’s nothing like a summer evening hair loose and feet bare dumb grins and happy stares the sun hits the air just so and the world glows
At the dawn of creation, as the gods formed a hundred million galaxies, there also formed with them our blazing and bold sun. This newly formed orb began to rise from the horizon line of our Earth,
Waking each day,  a coffee to drink a teacher at dawn   Meeting in the middle,
The smell of creosote reminds me of the place I live, but the salt air here reminds me of home. I see the way people change when they look. Really look.
Beauty , thou gaudy Chancellor Blinding pupils, bobby-dazzler! Oh !Again coloured restrictions Soothsayer for deprimant shadows
6:00pm on a Wednesday, the soft rain has left a vapor in the air that settles on your skin like sweat. The sky fills with clouds and sun to spread a yellow hue across the atmosphere like looking through aviator glasses.
Slowly, the sunlight vanishes without a trace As night covers earth in her sweet embrace. From the window I watch as the fireflies dance;  They’re radiant yellow stars but only for a glance.  
lately, things have been a little too much for me. i havent been the happiest and i had no explanation on why,
  The sunrise and the lake tides merged together as I sat on the cold stone concrete The colors of the sky dripped into color and the tides moved as precise as a heartbeat
The sun Set on the King, His crown gleaming as he, Shrieked with hatred That the sun was commanding the attention Of the world.
Your eyes were like a tired sunset,Shining with a soft amber light,Seeing the beauty in even the ugliest of things.
the gold and crimson spilled over the grass                         flowers bloom through the snow the sunset was one of the few beautiful things there                         a rural area
Personally, I've always liked sunsets more than sunrises. Call me sadistic, but I've always found endings more beautiful than beginnings, if for no other reason than to watch how the universe ties up the strings.
In the meanderings of my backyard, I set a glass of ice water on the muddled glass table Spreckled with rainspots and a splinch more than the grain of salt I asked for.
Wisps of pink streaked through A sky dominated by A glowing red sun  
  If you were to ever be looking for me I'll be where I feel the most free Standing with my feet in the water   Wondering about a second life  
As the wind flows through my hair and as I look at the lowering sun and the sky changing colors.
The wind blows past me And the sun sets in the sky The day has ended
From sunrise to sunset, I hide behind the pain- I start to feel insane. I am damaged, Oh- I am torn. Hurt- Oh why was I born? Will things change? Ever be the same? Nowadays,
i write you a letter, in a clear hand, to tell you that i am no longer willing to be trapped, in your chains, in your walls in your endless emptiness that you fill with the voices 
Some people may look and see the beach. Some people look, and they see the shore. Combers will walk as far as they can reach, But, in the end, it is something we can all explore.  
Today I met a friend Someone Strong and funny and out going Someone small and frial. Someone faint of heart   I met someone knowledgeable  but that wasn't my friend
Crazy maiden in the woods tracked her down as best I could She and I both bruised and bled. My leg was lame. She sought me dead.   A tear-smudged face,  a curdling cry A deadly grace,
Wiser hands with more experience mold younger ones into shapes positions designed to mimic their own The paintbrush between my hands is not angled quite like hers She makes a single, long stroke across the white page
Cotton candy skies surround my brown eyes I can't miss a thing so I try not blink The beauty stuns me The colors of a sunset are so jaw dropping, it's almost criminal My eyes never wish to look away during such times
An unplanned gathering,  Turned into a landmark event.  Ocean waves become steady heartbeats. 
A breathless beauty forms in front of my eyes the cotton candy sky illuminating onto my skin the clash between red, orange, pink and purple mix together as one as if they were in love and never letting go
Life is all about feelin' good, I'm always on the hunt for The Feel Good Medicine. I think I finally found it, A little bit of laughter and a lot of sun tossed in with the scent of the salty ocean at sunset,
Love diesIn sunset eyes,And under the sunShe fades.   Through strange summer daysAnd dark autumn haze,My dreams take me farBeyond cosmic rays.  
The flames die out. Ghostly traces of red and orange and purple haunt the sky. The last moments of light cling to the clouds as the weight of the sun is dragged down. Resting place. Somberness rises with the moon.
Golden sunset lemons, twinkly sliced unlike the first time I ran my pen, and eyes, dry. Puckers and sighs against a luminescent sky-- only dreams back then, something to imagine.
Silhouetted trees Line dusked beach skies, As subtle breeze Blows, All is calm, Earth sighs.
Heaven's soft rain dusts my soul Tinting my skin a rosy gold I'm swamped by tears inside this skin How long to bring outside what's in? Halfway between the Earth and sky
Relief only comes during the late hours of sunset, When the cool wind finally arrives Just to curl around your legs, Sighing with content, just feeling this moment of peace
I've been down for so long I forgot how to stand up You told me to get up So I can see the sunse  Ive been in the dark for so long I forgot what it looked like I was hesitant 
The cold barren treesNo easy sway, but staunch in strife.No green from the leaves;No signs of life.
Look, the sun is sinking,  In those buildings, In a concrete forest,  No time to take rest. Man has turned himself into a robot,
Moonset is the sunrise The juxtaposition  Of darkness and mellow light Vast blackness That enveloped every corner of the Hemisphere Consumed by dissipating orange, mauves and chartreuses 
Lush and leafy trees erect Sway to the music of a fading day Crickets one and all come out And tune their violins to play.   Colors fade from a purpling sky And the stars reveal their splendor bright.
Waves rolling around Moons up and down Sweet scents are plenty Smells of Rosemary and Jade Wrap around me on the beach sand Then the spectacle begins Reds are the first to come
She lies on a colorless bed, remaining silent Her chest rises and falls softly, the rest of her body motionless Strange, bulky machines occasionally beep, randomly stirring the silence So young, so innocent
What is our innate reason for our existence? Has it always been burning bright - Brighter than the fiery red that fills the sky In an instantaneous sunrise? In some cases, our core has flowed more intensely
We all say Emily Dickinson in our sleep And watch Van Gogh as we eat, 
The Earth, The Planets, The Universe. awesome Stars. Galaxies. The fact it all exists beyond my bedroom window. awesome I look into The night sky and think, "awesome"
Golden light spills out of the sky  and into our laps Our laughter rings 
the sun is dimminghiding beneath trees and mountainscoating everything in goldmaking the cruelbrokenterrifying worldlook beautiful
    The sun peaks perfectly through a gap in the mountain side, illuminating the rising and falling tide that leaves a puff of mist on the shore,
Pink, Fluffy, Swirled world.   What shall we call this, This creation? A sunset.   It's wonderful, Some could say, Perfect.   Far from it dear,
Red and Blue holding hands, locked together in nature's bands. A girl’s color, some say, boys should not have a purple bedroom where to play,  like a 60's kid, hair billowing and leather vests with fringe,
The day setting into a vast rice-bowl horizon Lifeblood of the sun Painted across ashen skies A sailor’s delight The wind forming a cocoon of tranquility
She Is The Sun
I've always marveled at sunsets—
On a wet and windy noon, I feel the rain and the pain as I run. Aware that the day will end soon, I return home after great fun.   When nights fall, I sit in my room and fear
Bring me the sunset in a cup so I can drink it in. So it can saturate my darkened body with warmth.  So beauty can fight the ugly in me.
Much like a woman is the sky. In the afternoon she is there, attending to her daily routine. She shines bright, yet is taken for granted most days. As evening nears, the night is only just beginning. 
Apples galoreCrisp fall airSunshine foreverplays with your hair. Hay mazes andPumpkin patches.Again the world whorls.Your breath catches.
Now the summer has come and gone. The school year starts like the break of dawn. On the far horizon I see its glow. What lies ahead?  I do not know. I'll find out soon, I have no doubt.
I run into an open sky. I watch the sunset and within the orange and pink horizon I see me. I see myself at just 5 years old walking into a new surrounding. I see my teacher anxiously awaiting 
Red, white and blue is the color of our flag that we represent, the one who wont stand, the ones who fought for us their lives are gone but as long as I live I'm going to defend.
Life will knock you down. What lifts you up? Maybe it’s the way His eyes sparkle against the sunset.
Like fire cascading down the mountains . Setting  ablaze he trees. With the last spot of light to be seen . Enforcing a relaxed mood in the atmosphere. After a hard days work  
Across from the ocean, I sit on the beach, I'm lost in tranquility, As my soul tries to breathe.   White clouds moving slowly, The breeze calm and still, I'm caught in the moment,
  Bright yellow first Daffodils on the longest summer day In the perfect sunny afternoon Lemons bought from the local grocer
The sun in your heart allows the moon in mine to glow. And the warm winds of your breath melt the winter in my veins. The sunrise in my voice stops the sunset in yours. The sky inside you
Standing on a cliff nothing could miss I look to the gound at the people with no sound My hair blown from my face cold wind and salt I taste I watch the ocean tide
Hands held tight:tied like twine,a sailor's knot,never to be undone; Soothing strokes:serene waves belowa light sunset,set for smooth sailing;
The sun sets slowly over settled sparkling sea shores Soul mates sit side by side so sweet, so solemnly sentimental Swans swim somewhere near, struck by silent starry skies
Red light from our sinking star fills the setting sky, must it be that every night the lovely sun must die?
 Cool sunset flows Making golden rivers run over hope-smoothed rocks Vibrant colors sharp in the sky Pink like hope Fading blue like faith Deep kindness, rustic orange Golden glories
Waves crashing along the shore, All I see is more and more. They keep on moving until dawn, Flowing channels move on and on. Seeing willful water pull the soft sand, Taking it away hand in hand.  
Superstorm Sandy took away my home.  She didn't take away the walls or the floorboards,  and my bed hasn't moved at all. But She took away our light, for all of seven solid nights.
Look how the clouds swirl in the sky. A beautiful mess of orange, red, and pink. They melt with the sun, Leaving a bittersweet tint behind.
I sit in a field     and wait, to capture the beauty:     yellow, orange,
Waiting and watching for the sun to sink. To witness the colors that will paint the sky. All the different hues,
Cerulean, robin's egg, azure. The serenity, peace, and still of a quiet evening. Rose, blush, coral. The day's foibles, joys, and wonders cross my memory. Gold, fire, brass.
We gather. We wait. We silently anticipate. The sun dips down, The waves dance up. The crashing touch Of Mother Earth And the King of the Sea Produce a sight of beauty.
There is a fire in the sky! A beautiful arrangement of clouds burning alive! Celestial inferno! You have come to call for me With a blaze of Inti’s fire!
Brilliant purples, pinks, and blues Blend in such amazing hues, My breath is taken out from me And as I stop to gaze, I see A stallion toss his wispy mane Then race away, ne'er seen again.
Why does the sun set red. Why does it speak my heart. The sun has so many thing that it could prescribe to us. Do we listen or destroy that beautiful sun of mine. The one that gives me light to my ever darkening days.
‘Tis sweet thither sun, atop th’ wavèd sea. Lone candle in darkness, from whence it hath risen.
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