Walking Together

6:00pm on a Wednesday, the soft rain has left a vapor in the air that settles on your skin like sweat. The sky fills with clouds and sun to spread a yellow hue across the atmosphere like looking through aviator glasses. 70 degrees in the air, but it feels like 80 on your skin while the sun tries to fight with the clouds and the rain tries to fight with the sun. When we walk I can hear your footprints on the damp ground kicking up more droplets into the air to join the mist. We walk and talk recounting memories of laughter and making new ones to reminisce of later. This is my happy place. Playing a game with you. Walking down winding sidewalks with no plan to stop and no intention to. This is peace. I wish I could spread this feeling like a flu, from one person to another and and another and another until the world is overwhelmed with this feeling of peace, this feeling of belonging. When the sun finally goes down and the cotton candy clouds stream on the horizon, we know it’s time to part. But I’m in no hurry, we walk with no haste back to my car and with a small tender hug, we part. This is not the end, just a wait until tomorrow.


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