Sat, 01/03/2015 - 17:07 -- sonia.o
I've always marveled at sunsets
lazy skies, melting sighs
of peach and purple. 
I'd gaze at watercolored evenings
with admirationlike
angry blisters and laugh lines,
the sunset is proof of another
hard day's work. 
Another sunset,
another milestone. 
But last night, I wouldn't sleep. 
Pushed past the tired crust of fatigue 
until exhaustion was renamed "energy."
Then morning came and even
the birds were excited about it. 
And I realized there is something 
necessary in the sparrows' song. 
As the sun whispers to the sky 
once more, like a lovers' reunion,
there is something necessary 
in every dawn. 
Though we never tire 
of wishing on stars at night,
they can only come true
come daylight. 
However passed the night:
quarrels, love, or tears,
the sunset changed time. 
Introduced day to night,
remember this: A sunset means
Do not take for granted 
the sun for the stars, or 
sleep through dawn only to forget
that each day is a fresh start. 
A sunset marks the end, but every sunrise is a new beginning. 



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