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I always wake up with the thought that I will be someone great Just to realize im living a world where happiness declines then i Iie away on a daily just to get up and do the great stare-
"How are you?" "Oh, I am okay." *her mind is full of disarray* She smiles while saying that she is okay. Her smile is artificial, like those preservatives in can goods.
  Dark. Damp. Dreary. The world feel so cold. Birds sing and light shines, yet I sit here, lost in my mind. My mood is steady and does not falter. Dwelling in Dark, Damp, Emptiness.  
She traveled for days, in a maze with no direction destined for an escape from depression driven by disaffection By fate she felt a connection They ran until he was cuffed into oppression Later she had a baby on the way
Real life is around the corner and I think I am not prepared. Its capricious, crazy, and something to be feared.
A year has come
I am not relaxed! Scared, anxious. College is here! Make it all slow down!
Man I love COLLEGE college is the place where I learn where I open my mind where my dollar bills burn where to get that “A” I become redefined   It is a place that can open so many doors
Running to first period, I can’t be late anyone who has been here can relate “buzz” the tardy bell rings. I walk into class “Where is your tardy pass?” she sings.
I shake his hands, Yet my toes are beneath where he stands. He’s been stomping my toes for hours, Pacing on them as he explains why his belief, should be ours. Any longer and my toenails will fall off,
Fat. Ugly. Emo. Gay we've all heard what the haters say.    they act so kind right to our face. but then they talk crap once we're replaced by yet another hater (who hasn't really seen) 
She spoke loud and talks with a voice that unheard of she spoke loud and theres no face revealed
Let’s go to the movies, let’s see a show. Heroes, villains, romantic obstacles, love-struck teenagers,
A girl is hiding, hiding behind that curtain That curtain right there, I know I am certain That is her, that girl hiding behind that curtain She is shy and uncertain and bullied eveyday
there is something wrong in a world where we pour ourselves out to strangers on the internet but our best friends dont know our torment   and there is something wrong in a world where beauty is only skin deep
Shake and move Summer has left us When winter comes the tune Soon becomes rhythm and blues Chicken soup for souls that Need to be soothed As we fall forward All time allows us too do is groove
If you are Caucasian, Asian, or of Middle Eastern persuasion everyone wants to be black for the occasion You wear saggy jeans and you come off like this Do you really know what its like to be black and dissed
Close your eyes, Close your eyes and breathe. This can’t be me, This isn’t happening to me. But it is. And you can’t help it, But what did you do? Why you? The weight is over bearing,
The year started out with a crash. I thought I wouldn't get myself back. But slowly you showed up. My world was no longer corrupt. I became stronger and stronger. You made me better and better.
life doesn't seem so long anymore,
Show me how to forget But to not let these memories fade into my mind Blurring the lines Until it all just turns into one big lump Stuck in my throat as I try and fail
I feel like I am drowning, like I am suffercating under the silence, under the last breath I breathe
Wind is waving bye While the sun caresses doubts Silence brings the anger And leaves confusion on the couch Tears are hiding from pain Who carries smiles all day Lingering at the door is misunderstanding
the struggle starts when your born in this world as a sinner.the struggle is here to break you or make you.
I recall a time not long ago... When I sat amongst the sand, When the waves broke on the shore, And the sun baked my hands.    I recall a time I lay, Utterly at peace. A time long before,
In life we all make mistakes. We all try to make it somewhere and do something. We want to be accepted in our respected communities. Though, it's not that simple: We must climb the mountains,
Happy Birthday! You are born Happy Graduation! You are an adult Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, Senior year of college...gone $20,000 debt...not terrible, not great 22 years old going for a doctorate
When I reach for the pen and paper, and begin to write/ Do I write about what’s right or mainstream it to tight/ One brings fame while the other brings respect/ I guess the only way to impress is to show intellect/
Baby Kennedy There will be no pink helium balloons that read “Congrats! It’s A Girl!” No “awwwws” or “oooows”....those goofy adult sounds. No captured cute baby girl’s face.
It was written in my name, but never in my hand.
Teachers always teaching to prepare us to be the best Chalk boards always screeching to prepare us take the test   Unfortunately we suffer Real lives become rougher
Live and learn, just to work and earn. That degree or career, will help you live life without fear. See, an education is all I need.. Add some dedication and ambition, and I will succeed. 
You think you know me but you don't Sitting behind that desk you wont Deny; You've got something to hide too Its PERSONAL to you  Numbers on pages, words are supposed to represent who we are
Sometimes teachers think that all we care about is being cool, but I guess they dont realize; We actually care about school.They think we find it boring, the facts we read untrue, but lets look at the bigger picture: should we be teaching you?
A beautiful face A tormented past  An undeniable mystery to the audience of my life.    I show, You see
We don't get to timeour crises of faith,do we? When thebite has gone outof the bourbon itseems as thoughjokes are not funny,as they used to be.
I'm trying to be a legend to my urban youth, Someone positive that they can look up to, and let them know that with a dream they can make it out, I can be the voice that they are raving about,
I am not a slave to my looks therefore I am not a slave to my hair. Next time you say, Girl!  You will never get a man with that hair. 
Just like summer comes after spring,winter comes after fall.Just like what goes up,must come down.
Expression is a lethal weapon, Locked in my own judgments, Don’t understand why I’ve been chosen to fill the shoes of an unholy person
Anger too heavy to become words. Anger, an exhausting burden haunting my dreams fist flying in my sleep anger not satisfied voice never raised anger sitting in patience afraid of what it might do,
Lying down she sleeps So still So sick So weak She opens her eyes All you can see is emptiness inside She does not speak I stand over her Like a guardian angel You can feel her sorrow
We press it, cut it, blow it out, and pin it up We change our texture because it’s not desirable We dye it as the trends change And we die a little more ourselves each time
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