Man I love COLLEGE

college is the place where I learn

where I open my mind

where my dollar bills burn

where to get that “A” I become redefined


It is a place that can open so many doors

while so many doors slam shut right behind me

I gasp for breath chasing the opportunities

only to miss them because it’s too damn expensive


It’s a place where a student with a 4.0 cumulative

will struggle to eat, sleep, and pay for what they need

and an athlete with a 2.5 cumulative will be living the dream

who will cheat and lie to get ahead, but as long as they get that touch down

they will always have everything they need, it’s blaspheme


Man I love the IDEA of College

the idea of how it’s suppose to be

those who work get the opportunities and obtain knowledge

instead, they work for others to step above them


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