I always wake up with the thought that I will be someone great

Just to realize im living a world where happiness declines

then i Iie away

on a daily just to get up and do the great stare-

Magically it has no effect towards my day

I sometimes hope my future would be broader


Clearer but I am yet to make up my mind on what ill wear for the day

There ive said it


You wake up , go to work and come back home

Who was the dude that invented work

Probably the same dude that invented waffles

Who knows maybe you know

Growing up sucks

Because im only like twelve and my back hurts like im 80

And yes im smelly  and not because I haven’t bathed

But maybe because im still in bed staring at the wall -

Comical isn’t it

Phenomenal isn’t it

Adulting isn’t fun

Sleeping is

 and if you like sleeping

Goodluck bud

growing up sucks


This poem is about: 
Our world


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