Just another life extinguished in my own

life doesn't seem so long anymore,
everyone i know knocking on deaths door,
an emptiness you to feel to your body's core,
Chicago turning into something out of film noir.

the best i can do is become the best i can be,
satisfy life's daily rituals and live happily,
build a family, a community of friends,
people who support each other and stick together to the end.

i want to grow old and live until i'm at least 105,
fulfill a dream and prove that i'm alive,
make everyone i know proud of what i achieve,
Chicago, ill be damned if you force me to leave.

don't want to hide,
don't want to run,
don't want to fear for those around me,
don't want to tell my brothers and sisters to be careful with who they are surrounded with.

i want to leave a mark in the world that'll transcend through generations,
reach every little child and teach them the value of their lives,
what it means to love one another,
to avoid violence and settle things peacefully.

but maybe i strive for too much,
maybe its not possible in this cold, hate filled world,
maybe life's biggest lie is telling you that you can change it,
but i could die tomorrow, still having nothing accomplished.

how does one strive for a lie?



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