Life of A Grown Up

Real life is around the corner and I think I am not prepared.
Its capricious, crazy, and something to be feared.
I wish I could go back to watching Pokemon on Saturday mornings, but that's just something in the past, because now life is moving way too fast.
Can I survive this title wave? Will I last?
I always wanted to be grown but now it's something that I regret.
I wasn't ready for this, my feet wasn't set.
I must now grow up and be a fine young man.
I must be responsible. I must be smart, I must have an unwavering heart.
This is harder than any other transition, but I must carry on because it's my mission.
It's my turn to pave a way for the younger generation.
It'll be my turn to talk about the vintage games I played on PlayStation.
But most of all it's my turn to be a man.
I am up next. It's my turn to stand.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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