Mon, 10/28/2013 - 13:34 -- sophjoe


You think you know me but you don't

Sitting behind that desk you wont

Deny; You've got something to hide too

Its PERSONAL to you

 Numbers on pages, words are supposed to represent who we are

They don't , They can't, They won't

Mosaics of our lives, experiences, hopes make up who we are

 Not tears shed of not making that mark

It's part of the system 

That systematic destruction that is us all

Or is it destruction at all

Is it just growing up (or thats what they call it)

That factory that makes us, breaks us

And makes us new

Maybe a reflection of a better view 

Of Life!

Can you see it?

Your changed now too. 

You used to be like me brave, excited, unchanged

Now you are a grain of sand among many 

Moving where the wind takes you

Uncontrolled you will never be who you once knew

School.....School will do that to you.



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