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I Don’t Know what came over me Look what this had done to me It almost took over me It came close to me It used me
When I woke up today It didn't feel like it was in my bedroom  I was doomed  In a cage  But the keys are in my hands It's strange Am I afraid?  No, but they keep judging me And my pain
They say my writing is expansive It's alot to say When been through a life of tragedy And empty space The thoughts in my head you can never see Cause your never me Sometimes tears fall on these pages
In between I see it I don't know why But I need it I woke up in a cage But it's fine I was born in it In a lifeless room I was made from it Losing touch in the world Don't we all do?
What I write may sound deep But it's real life What I write may be critiqued But it's real life What pushes me to do this What motivates me to do this Pain did
It’s dedication This writing is more than the inauguration Of thoughts It’s like a therapy session for me In dark places It comes to me Brings me To higher places That I want to be
Why Why do I do this I new this Would hurt But the fact is I did this What's my problem I need a fix Or else I won't solve em I need to change this Take this, break this and bring this
This year I took myself by surprise But years ago my brother died before I said goodbye I still feel emotions and unbreakable tides Still, hear the cries and the unthinkable lies my lines are therapy for me
I woke up in this world Thinking it’s free Think it’s for me But is it really? They told me “you’ll understand when your older” I don’t really get that
Hey world I need help I'm losing it How can I do this I can't go through with this I'm losing it But I found it What I found I renowned it It came to me when pain said "Do it"
They asked what I am going through They asked what road am I heading to They think my life needs a redo They think the life that they live is for you They get mad when it won´t work for you
What do you feel when you hit success Can't trust these voices that come inside my head Well I feel success deep in my chest I'm glad that I passed the test
It's been a while since I put words on this page Seems my life is like a perfect stage Well that's what they say Cause I haven't been writing in decades
I'm back on the page again Yet again Writing about life and how it's been In the wheather in Storms of all levels Facing demons fighting devils But I'm on my level
What made me write this Youll never see But I cant hold this emotion Or else I'll lose me So i will rip it out of my chest And put it on this page I will not rest Here comes my voices
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