What made me write this
Youll never see
But I cant hold this emotion
Or else I'll lose me
So i will rip it out of my chest
And put it on this page
I will not rest
Here comes my voices
"This is it"
Your wrong
"Whats next"

When no one is behind you
Who is behind you
When no one is below you
Who is below you
Who is above you that rains flowers and pedals
And loves you
Its hard to think of that
Wishing that the past would never had come to that

That picture of the past
Won't change
Just the people inside of them do
When he does it hurts you
The love was never there for you
He left you
Then whats the point of having a child
When no love is due
Its disgusting
Think your a man
Your a coward
A waste of space
I hate people who are two faced
So get out of my face

Your nothing
Your a wash up
Who desrved to be tossed up
Moped up
And sent to hell
In a cell
For what you done
Now you want to come back and make it one?!
Are you out of you mind?!
With all the dreams you find
All you do is feed, burn and lie
Your the fall of human kind
With you there is no light

Had to let that out
But wasnt just for me
Its for someone I am close to
If you read this
Grab your own glass and fill it
Dont let your fear destroy you
Hopes this helps you

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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