Mend the Storm

I'm back on the page again
Yet again
Writing about life and how it's been
In the wheather in
Storms of all levels
Facing demons fighting devils
But I'm on my level

But my voices tell me "Your not in level, you should go to your crib and settle"
Like hell I live this
I don't wait for handouts
I go get it
But there's some people I connect with
Who lives in restless nights
And fights for light but never reaches it
Then falls and say "This is it"
It's not it

It's the beginning of the war we're facing
Yeah your not alone out there
But alot of people are wearing mask out
How to tell when enemies are coming from down stairs
To break them
To watch them shed tears
I say to them
So this is fun

But then when someone like you
Puts a gun
To your head
Then what words will come out of your mouth

Just Had to get that out
For those who are suffering
I'm just like you
I hope this write soothes you
I hope the next verse does to
For example
Whats Inside there is a fire
That burns inside of you
That brings you to higher places

Fire you can walk through
Protect those who are dear to you
If you lose you'll get smarter
The wise never fluants its power
The wicked hides its claws
Fire wins
Fear lost

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