When I woke up today

It didn't feel like it was in my bedroom 

I was doomed 

In a cage 

But the keys are in my hands

It's strange

Am I afraid? 

No, but they keep judging me

And my pain

They smile like it's funny 

Feeding off my pain 

Like they love it 

But I'm above it 

Feelings sealed tight 

But I still fight
I'm gonna touch it 

The light 

Cause I own mine 

And you have no right to judge me 

So go mind

Your own business and attack your own kind

That does the same as you do 

Those who take their difference

And throws them in their face 

To get those to taste your Idealistic waste

You're a disgrace 

That doesn't work on me

I am me, nobody else 

I'm just being myself 

Guess I am an outcast 

So I cast it over those 

Who dislike it

They prepare their cannons to strike it

It's futile 

I have a file 

You can never rewrite 

Cause It's my write 

So good night and sleep tight 

Yet I still feel it again and again

It gets under my skin 

So I take my pen 

Then I'll say to myself 

I don't want to fit in

Still, I need to focus

Figuring out my motives

So now I'm a problem when it's locked 

Then see it when it opens

I still hear voices 

I understand it's complicated 

The process of me 

Now they are trying to pick apart my lines

Well here's what you can dissect from me

I've always been the reject
Who in the deep shed 

The only sheep shaved red

Can you see that 

I might fall into my thoughts 

Yet your drive is nowhere like mine 

So get out of my car

I'm a star 

Falling hard leaving the space and time I tore

I'm at my core 

I still remember writing "Here to stay"

It was therapy for me

"Your days are coming to an end now"

Shut up no one needs to hear your gory

Words, it's insignificant

You'll never win

So pack your bags and leave

To find another mind to settle in

I win

This poem is about: 
Our world


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