This is Me

They say my writing is expansive
It's alot to say
When been through a life of tragedy
And empty space
The thoughts in my head you can never see
Cause your never me

Sometimes tears fall on these pages

When writing my stages

Of my pain

My voices is a killing stain

These writes are keeping me sane

It helps me tame them

And free me


You don't believe this helps me

Do you believe it now

See I may write like a rapper

I'm not a rapper

I'm a writer

I write for those who think things

But never say them

I write for those who their thoughts

They can never weigh them

These pages are the bullets for the negative thoughts

That invades them

These pages are bullets for those

Who can never see them

Now they say "writing is his life"

It is

Without this

I would never had lived

My problems would had never been read

If I had to do anything other then writing

I reather be dead

So thanks for those who see it

For those who don't

Leave it

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