Sin I Commit

I Don’t Know what came over me
Look what this had done to me
It almost took over me
It came close to me
It used me

No wonder why people say lust is so great
I understand that now
But it also creates hate
I’m a man of my word
I stay true to myself
Can’t let this lust break me
Or else a walking contradiction will become of me
Naw I don’t wanna be
But it comes to me
Holding out it hands saying
Play with me
Get away from me
There's nothing you can say to me

Is a value of a man is to be out here
Touching women because they can
Not in my place
Because I’m in a better place
I’m full of great not with haste or hate
that no one will take
I promise you
What’s you defines you
But this
What I did
Defines nothing but a demon who
Embrace the darkness and place it
To people hearts and taste it

Is this me
Never will
Cause I still have a heart and always will
This how I feel
This page lets you know how a sin can kill
Hope you take it well
Sorry I got to go
Seems Like another burned page from a fallen man
But a walking man
So take my hand
I hope my pages will guide you
Goodbye to you

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Our world


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