The Solution

Why do I do this
I new this
Would hurt
But the fact is I did this
What's my problem
I need a fix
Or else I won't solve em
I need to change this
Take this, break this and bring this
To places where it needs to be
Like in dark cages

I can make it
But the fact is it plays with
My demons
Favors me
Telling me who I am
And what not to be
But wait
It's up to me
So get out of my face
Don't touch me
I am the one the runs me
So get out of here
You dummies

I will not rest
Until I break this cycle
Of my demons giving me the title
Of what they say
No, it's what I say
My life is my cave
It's my haze
So get out of my maze
Couse, it's what I create
Not Yours
Stick to it
But if I worry
I'll lose it

But I figured out why others follow me
Why they look up to me
My writes are a step above the sea
They see it
Now they're proud of me
See it or not
I'm just teaching a lesson
To those who live in the dark places
Of Condemsion

This was a session
to help me but
If this helped you
I gladly thank you
For you understanding this message
Couse this gave me redemption
I actually thank my demons
Without them
I couldn't write this message
But I am sure
They are out of my expansion
I correct the incorrection
They did
I am free
So I live
In Peace

I'm Home

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