Long Time Coming

What do you feel when you hit success
Can't trust these voices that come inside my head
Well I feel success deep in my chest
I'm glad that I passed the test

See I made it
I am Not like the rest
That rest after
Just because it's harder
Naw man to me it's better
You feel heavy
I feel a feather
You think it's deadly
I think it's a latter
So I climb the latter
It's way up
I still put my face up
Never give up
You wonder why I'm always up
Well guess what

There is no fear in me
The darkness is clear for me
My eyes see through it very clearly
It's literally
Nothing to me
Cause when I walk in it
Come from it like
"Yeah I did it"

You might be wondering
why do have no fear of the dark
I'll tell you
See I was born in it
Woke up in it
I was torn in it
It left scars on me
There were hordes within it

Then I made it
I found my light
You see it now
It's not a night light
It's the sun
That Shines over me
Liberates me
The darkness runs
When it does I laugh at it
You can do it to
Have a crack at it
You might like it

Then you strike it
with your light
break it
When you do
You embrace it
Can you feel it
Amazing isn't it
You're all in
Now you can look at the devil and say
"Not this time I win"

It's real

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