What I write may sound deep
But it's real life
What I write may be critiqued
But it's real life
What pushes me to do this
What motivates me to do this
Pain did

Without pain, I wouldn't be here
Without pain, I wouldn't bother
Even writing this stanza
Yet writing this takes the pain away from me
Yet it comes back to haunt me
They ask me "how do you know what real life is?"
Pain is how I know what real life
Revealed the entirety to me
I didn't live a life of candy and cakes
I live a life of failure and mistakes

Yet I am still here
Telling you how I am able to do this
How I am able to write this
Pain gave me this
And don't say you never felt pain
Couse without pain there is no real life
Yet there is a road of joy and happiness
The most of us find
I am still searching for mine
Yet pain never dies

Still, carry on
Even if I have nothing holding on
Pain showed me
And it will show you
A taste of reality
Pain guided me
Will it guide you?

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