It’s dedication
This writing is more than the inauguration
Of thoughts
It’s like a therapy session for me
In dark places
It comes to me
Brings me
To higher places
That I want to be

Thank god
That God gave me this weapon
A weapon for the depression
A lesson that loosens it
It breaks and takes it
To places where it belongs
Like a thunderstorm
Dark comes before light
But is this writing light?
From the dark, it came from
When I fight it
I produce this
And prove this
That I’m winning

It’s chilling
It’s hard to face it sometimes but
It can touch those who see it
And feel it
Oh you don’t like this
Then stop here
Is not about what you think
It’s how you feel
So it’s real
You probably won’t understand
Unless you were me

Maybe you just need
To watch it fully
Instead of skimming it
Cause I’m here to spread a message from it
The message is your not alone
Depression is a real thing that I don’t condone
You are your own, so hold on to what you own
Then your home
It’s real

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