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North and South are fighting againWasting lives, money, future and funWar is hell; there, everybody is on the runNonsense is their common sin.
Hey there dad do you remember me? I’m your daughter, the one you raised but never come and see.  I remember when I was growing up you would’ve never left my side. 
I wait Wait for the final accolades Instead life hands me a hundred promenades Promenades of infinite choices Appearing in my head as infinite voices
So many sights to see in the open world. A great battle upon mankind and inside them the will to fight. Humans and Mythical creatures either fight or live in harmony.
Do you remember the late nights and the long days that led to our anger? How can we still be here? How can you still love me?
Never could I turn to one who knows me as you do I thought that I could never be myself until I met you. Endless, restless nights spent awake just holding it in, Yet you were right there, as though you were kin.
I did not ask for struggle, I did not begin it. But when it is presented, I intend to win it. No matter the uphill battle, No matter the stricken tears. At the end of every struggle,
Our bodies are nothing but sacred battle grounds.Our ribs wrap around our chests to ensure that no one else feels the earth-shaking explosions that rock our cores. Our muscles ache and strain just to keep every struggle confined and hidden. 
Insults fly through the air, Pain upon the heart, Boiled anger through the veins, Impatience floods the mind,   Yells, Screams, Accuses at night, A breaking soul,
My name is Wesley Zedock.
The battle rages The war goes on. Some fight to kill, Some have a code.
The girl with the big smile Who laughs and talks and is feeling great "Hi! How are you? Sir, can I take your plate?" Running until the end of the day All day long with that smile on her face
I've seen bullying in my life, I've been on both sides. Some people say it's not the place to be, But I must say... "I just get off on the pain." - Now, it's been a while,
Never trusting who we are Putting people behind bars Forever giving eachother scars And we will not stop   Alway hating the other Yelling one after another Even our brothers
I am a little girl Tucked in bed, sleep tight As moonlight fills my room The pitter patter of rain plays music on my window pane. I try and focus in on the rain, but I can't drown out the yelling
  Try as I may to avoid drama and fights
Walking down the street Its more than a dream Its the reality that makes my soul want to jump out of me What I see is a frightening sight All different faces but no difference inside
You know that moment you feel wounded and broken? You say something easy and fine and they look at you with a blank line.
We wait for what never comes We listen for what is never said We see politicians hold up their thumbs But so many soldiers are dead We hear the cries of the families They mourn the lost with memories
So i've heard that all is fair in this thing of love in war. But in reality people fight dirty, nothing is fair anymore. Our love is stolen, sometimes never given back. We give it away so much, we eventually lose track.
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