Silent Pain

Insults fly through the air,

Pain upon the heart,

Boiled anger through the veins,

Impatience floods the mind,




Accuses at night,

A breaking soul,

A will too weak to fight,


Laughter of the tenser sort,

But deep deep down,

Are the silence tears unheard,


Questions upon questions pierced thy self,

A mask slipped on,

A heart to heavily to move on,

The will of a soldier of love,

Too pained to keep marching on,


Now, the listener quietly listens,

Nodding their head to the quiet beat,

Wishing with all their heart,

Such a thing could not occur,


A breaking will,

A harden heart,

A mind too shattered to understand anymore,


Gaze so distance,

Pain so close,

Mask so well wore,


They say I’m not yelling,

The other says yes you are,

They say I’m just trying to explain,

The other says I’m so tired and every time I tried to stand nothing seems to fix this,

So I want to give up,

No longer responding to the outside,


I’m an empty shell,

A closed door,

The hero who fell and could not come back up,


This is my silent pain.


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