The Understanding

Never could I turn to one who knows me as you do
I thought that I could never be myself until I met you.
Endless, restless nights spent awake just holding it in,
Yet you were right there, as though you were kin.
Worries escape me, tears on a page,
Maybe one day I will be able to gage
Just how amazing you are for me
And without you, where would I be?
Aimlessly wandering in this thing we call life,
Cutting wounds deeper than any a knife.
Poetry makes me the woman of capability,
One who isn't afraid to show humility.
I know when I am in the wrong or in the right,
Looking past just the black and the white.
I encompass the true beauty of reality,
Not just the things people usually want to see.
What I feel is something real,
Not just something I say for public appeal.

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My community
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