The Unknown World

Thu, 07/06/2017 - 14:41 -- luna314

So many sights to see in the open world.

A great battle upon mankind and inside them the will to fight.

Humans and Mythical creatures either fight or live in harmony.

To survive in the uknown world, one must not give up their fight. 

But shall give it their all, offer themselves up to fight for freedom.

In the eyes of man there are dreams and hope.

One does not simply fall on their own but can get up on their own.

No matter the creature, no matter the man, no one can truly give up so easily on themselves.

Man will continue to fight their demons, their monsters with swords, guns, axes, and bows and arrows.

Whether the monsters are dragons or their shadows in the dark.

So much to see in the unknown world in so little time in a man's lifespan.

A man can truly see the wonders of the world with their eyes.


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