I wait

Wait for the final accolades

Instead life hands me a hundred promenades

Promenades of infinite choices

Appearing in my head as infinite voices

Strange voices that consumed

Strange voices that confused me



Slowly splitting inside

As if there was one body but two minds

Two girls and two lives

I can hear their thoughts

Their thoughts cascading like water down my spine

There was a line

A thick line

Separating the two girls and their two worlds from connecting

Connecting like two friends recollecting


Their fights

I couldn’t handle anymore

It was like an unstoppable civil war

Where I was the battlefield and they were fighters

But it still felt like I was the only one in a fight

Fighting with all my might

The only one lost in these choices

The only one lost in these voices

And I began to wonder:

Who am I really?

Who am I when I’m stuck in the middle of two worlds

Stuck between the minds of two girls


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