Behind The Curtain Slam Scholarship

The girl with the big smile

Who laughs and talks and is feeling great

"Hi! How are you? Sir, can I take your plate?"

Running until the end of the day

All day long with that smile on her face

All day long she is the walking image of grace

She will go home to her parents

Ready for her day to turn into night

But prepared for the long awaited fight

Dad is furious again

Today she didn't clean the dishes

Yesterday he told her her wishes were fake

Alone, she will go to her room

Alone, she will cry

Alone, she will grip that knife with that wish of goodbye

The next morning she will wake up and do it again

Nothing but her own will driving her

Going to work nine to five

Going home to another fight

Until the night comes she will hide behind her curtain

Until she leaves her home and her burdens

But she will fight until that night turns to dawn


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