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For as long as I can remember, from January to December, my determination hasn't come loose because I'm inspired by Coach Barousse.   Track and Field may be my first love,
Go Team! Go go go! That wasn't a foul! Idiot umpire! Run! Steal!   Cotton candy makes my fingers stick Sugary funnel cake filling me To shout for the team  
The Metropolitans, the Royals in a clash for the ages Pitchers throwing the balls like rockets in the night Players lining up to hit the batting cages But no one knew that all was not right  
This is for Brendon, who was so excited he e-mailed his teacher in all capital letters at midnight. Brendon, I’m a Language Arts teacher, but I was thinking in all capital letters too.  
I miss you oh how I miss you  I miss the days we used to spend together  I miss the late nights and early morinings  I miss the walks in the hot July sun and the rainy April showers
Very Atheletic Rare Elfish Neat
Paul was a young baseball that lived in Stuart’s Bend.Every day, afterschool, the local kids played with Paul to their wits’ end. His dream was to make it to the major leagues,But he knew that getting there would cause him great fatigue. In colleg
who would really score if i pulled the base out from under your sore feet?
As I sit on the dusty dugout bench, I already know what it means.  The varsity coach approaches me trying his hardest to avoid eye contact but I already know what hes going to say.
Bases loaded... 2 outs... full account... Bottom of 9th All eyes are on me just me trying to show who I can be The chance to win or lose in the palm of my hands Feeling a bit nervous from the roar of the stands
My baby-blue Buttoned up Jersey. Neck burnt with hard Work, in the sun my ball cap Has its most useful duty. The Rawlings glove is not Forgotten, like the tickets that were
My home is not a particular place My home isn't a building to see My home isn't always a glamorous space My home doesn't belong to me   I feel most at home in October
My baseball mitt Stands in my closet, Lonely and bored, Gathering dust, Its leather longing to catch baseballs
At the crack of the bat my legs were in motion, To beat the ball to first base.   But as I ran with all my might, The unbearable pain made me lose sight.   The pain in my side was too much to bare,
A sea of azure A wave of white The crowd's allure The energetic night People cheer loudly People sit quietly Parents look on proudly  Parents watch excitedly Everyone is standing 
I Am Baseball   I am the warm and humid summer days I am the cold and rainy fall days I am the short perfect grass
Oh Mr.Cowhide, how I love you dear, The crack of wood against leather makes me shed a tear. Your brand new laces are bumpy and rough, But for all the baseball bat beatings you take, you sure are pretty tough.
Share your Cracker Jacks. Play the game fairly. Be respectful of everyone (even Yankees fans). Clean up your peanut shells. Fenway Franks and ice cream in a helmet are good for you.  
Here in this lime lined, green field A battle is to be fought without mercy, without yield. Two platoons of a baker’s dozen each.
Last pitch of the game   Full Count and Bases loaded And the Winner is...
Caught on a pop fly   Tagging up to steal third base      Too slow, You're Out!
Jumping off the bag   Running fast to the next base Slides to avoid!
Red lines on white face Held in a leathery hand Until thrown to home
  Blue and grey all day Behind the plate or in-field   What's the call? Appeal?!
Snap, drop, pop and go.         Is it high or was it low? And the call was...ooh?
                                                   What will it be now?                                                Here it comes...over the plate.
Once you have emerged from the beer damp and shivered tunnel, the sun will swallow you and spit you out—no, I swear—and then the stadium will open up before you like a modern cathedral.  If you get there early you will see the regular wo
To me baseball is more than a game, Day in and day out i spend my constant time. With work and effort I will earn my fame, I feel as though my loss would be a crime. Nothing in life has ever felt so sweet, 
Throwing pitches at me left and right, Fastballs, Curveballs,  Knuckleballs, And sliders.    Few of them turn into home runs.  But the ones that do, They shock the world.  
 At bat, she pitches A yakker; a curveball He saw it coming- expected it But didn't know when   Strike, batter out!   Now, the hill is mine
I arrive at the field, joyful to the max A box of Gatorade, maybe a 6-pack.
When I'm on the diamond I feel at home When I'm on the diamond It's my own little dome. When I'm on the diamond I become very calm When I'm on the diamond I need no balm.
Even Though it's Torture And every game makes me feel like the weather outside that day is a scorcher  I will always believe because when I'm standing by that Fence
Sunflower seeds, hot dogs, G
Sometimes you get so caught up. Spun so far around, that they're winding you up. Coiling you into a speedball before they send you splitting the air, Hitting the air before you're batted away.
The sky is so bright but there is no sun Balls lost from sight in the light leave you on the run Searching for the ball as the missing piece to a puzzle hours go by in only seconds of action
I love baseball, it is my holy grail. On the field 9 fearsome warriors ready to battle.
The clean cut edges, The smoothness of each base, Every corner better than the next, Perfectly polished, Standing in awe of its grandness, The happiness melts in, First, Second, Third,
Smell the intensity, does it make you anxious? Feel the stitchings leave your hand, don't they feel rough? Hear the eerie crack, does it make you cringe? Taste the relief, but not yet satisfying?
The batter stepped up to the plateFor it was his fateTo win the gameSo he could claimThat he was the bestOver the restThis timeHe would shineWhen the ball hit the bat
Stare at the mound Find where you will hit the ball Don't let down the fans
Baseball is America's game. From a small farm team To the Hall of Fame. It's considered to be every man's dream. Start by putting on your glove, Then adjust your sun-faded hat,
I am determined I wonder who invented baseball I hear the noise of the people around me I see the rising sun I am determined
Red white and blue, do you have a clue? Americas past time, I think you do; white sphere with red seams; just chasin' my dreams. its a diamond filled with nine; and a few more on the pine.
Childhood dreams of becoming someone well not just someone but a somebody not that anyone but the one who has accomplished more that expected Lets see school and then play thats what they always say
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