Do or Die

Bases loaded... 2 outs... full account... Bottom of 9th

All eyes are on me

just me trying to show who I can be

The chance to win or lose in the palm of my hands

Feeling a bit nervous from the roar of the stands


I step into the box ready to make my claim

I mean it is the reason why I came

My heart beats faster than ever

because I know this moment will last forever 


Ready to hit the ball

I stare at the pitcher

and he stares back


thinking this is it

time to rip and grit

He lifted his knee 

as high as could be


All of the sudden everything seemed to slow down

it seemed so easy and slow

He delivered the ball and I felt that warm summer glow


I took the biggest hack I've ever taken

the ball had been shaken'

Bases cleared in the blink of an eye

This was definitely a Do or Die


This poem is about: 


Cade Adamson

I love baseball and poetry

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