A love for the game stronger than the pain

At the crack of the bat my legs were in motion,

To beat the ball to first base.


But as I ran with all my might,

The unbearable pain made me lose sight.


The pain in my side was too much to bare,

As I’m helped off the field by my coach.


Being sidelined was even worse than the pain,

As I sat on the bench watching behind the fence.


The terrible news of not being able to play,

The time of recovery was still unknown.  


No running,

No jumping,

Not even a fast walk.

Especially no baseball.


This injury was the worst I’ve endured.

But not any worse then not being on the field.


I never missed a game in three years.

And having to miss because of this injury was terrible.


I pushed through the pain of the torn hip flexor,

Because my love for the game was stronger than the pain.






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