My Home is 1060 W Addison

My home is not a particular place

My home isn't a building to see

My home isn't always a glamorous space

My home doesn't belong to me


I feel most at home in October

When the bandwagon fans have returned

I still feel like a child as I get older

No matter how badly our team is burned


And this year for once

I finally could

Identify what home is to me


Home is my fellow cubbies

All dressed in red and blue

Home is at Wrigley

A precious space tried and true


Home is in a restaurant

Watching the game

I cheer with the strangers

Although I don't know their names


Home is recognizing

A cap on the street

And smiling at it's wearer

Like a secret you can't repeat

For I know that my team

Unites us all

From the preseason spring

To the postseason fall


And although others may scoff

At my passion for this

I know that baseball

Is truly my bliss


Like generations before me

I stand tall and proud

I cheer on my team

Obnoxiously loud


This year I discovered

My team is closer than I knew

We won it all

We never lost hope, too


And so,

As the new year comes tumbling in

I just can't wait

For baseball season to begin

This poem is about: 
My community


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