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Childhood dreams of becoming someone
well not just someone but a somebody
not that anyone
but the one who has accomplished more that expected
Lets see school and then play
thats what they always say
school first sports second
thats the way the say
baseball was the game
no other sport was the same
growing up watching the greatest play
is what I can do all day
seasons go by
there is always next season, that's no lie
it is more than a game
it's the game I play
from the first innning
and on to the next
Strike one! Strike two! Strike three!
You're out!
was that what baseball is all about?
some see it as a after school activity
others see it as a passion
a kind of love and devotion
Hey! what is with all the commotion
It is baseball season
and yelling is the only reason
to feel the way I feel right now
with all the guys and gals
In the end of the day basbeall is gone
not forever just for awhile
the next day is school
where we go to learn and educate, instead of being fools
my dream is to graduate, go to collegeand be drafted by the biggest baseball team ever
those tricks and dilemmas aren't too clever
for I am smart enough on what needs to be done
the parents decision for their son
as they see the eagerness and potential he has
for this life is going by so fast
Entering college onto the next step in life
seeking success out in the real world
years go by
day after day
sun rise after sunset
wake up...
It's your last year of college
Senior year is always the best
even better then the rest
continuing on with the life I've chosen
baseball practice and homework to do
and so little time left
turn the corner
it's graduation day
there is one thing left I have to say
I've done good for myself
witht the help from my loved ones
I know now it's time to step up to the plate
as I begin my lifes Fate



I like this poem, I can connect to my personal life.

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