Go Team!

Go go go!

That wasn't a foul!

Idiot umpire!

Run! Steal!


Cotton candy makes my fingers stick

Sugary funnel cake filling me

To shout for the team


Hit it! It's a full count!

Amazing catch!

Burn those cleats!

The other team cheated!

This player always bunts!


Begging my dad for a hot dog

Wishing my little brother didn't whine

Nobody appreciates my game


Home run!

You crack that bat or else!

See that dirt and turf fly!

Another inning gone by?

We've gotta win!


Night comes, and with it mosquitoes

My family grows restless

We cannot abandon the team.


In the end, we go

Too many siblings who don't like

My game

America's game


This poem is about: 
My family
My country


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