Paul the Baseball

Paul was a young baseball that lived in Stuart’s Bend.Every day, afterschool, the local kids played with Paul to their wits’ end. His dream was to make it to the major leagues,But he knew that getting there would cause him great fatigue. In college and the minors, he faced many a great hitter.He tried to miss the bat, but each batter was bitter. To the plate, each game, Paul tried to rush,But all the mean bats continued to crush. Paul became dirty and worn bit by bit,And with all the new young balls, maybe it was time for him to quit. Then along came a tall, young pitcher.He wanted to be great, and in turn, get richer. The pitcher started to use Paul, at first by chance.Then out of his hand, Paul started to dance. Together, they dominated each and every lineup.Managers really started to notice and they worked their way up. Paul reached the major leagues and had finally met his goal.He was good with his pitcher, but was becoming very old. After one year, Paul decided to retire with a good reason:There were younger balls just like him who dreamt to play in a season.

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