"Play Ball"

I arrive at the field, joyful to the max

A box of Gatorade, maybe a 6-pack.

My parents are here today, it's time to shine

Let's win this game in inning number nine.

Take a pic of me and put it on Instagram

The one with the trophy and my Fam.

Cuz we are the champs, we are the champs

All that preparation and weeks of baseball camps.


They say hard work pays off, I guess it's true 

And when we won the league I finally knew.

Our spirits high and our heads facing the sky

I can't wait to celebrate with some chocolate pie.

Straight from the bakery my teammate owns

We all take selfies with our new IPhones.

I just woke up from a dream, wow is it really only fall

I can't wait for the first game when the umpire yells "play ball".




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