Bringing my Daughter to the Baseball Game

My baby-blue

Buttoned up Jersey.

Neck burnt with hard

Work, in the sun my ball cap

Has its most useful duty.

The Rawlings glove is not

Forgotten, like the tickets that were

Bought for me and my Daughter.

One thing I never understood was the

Bud light navy blue that was advertised with the

Clashing baby blue of the rays colors. Beer was never

Useful to me,



With such a losing record,

Star players that leave the team,

Lost endorsements,

Increased ticket prices,

Nothing quite takes off the pain like

Navy blue


Cold beer! The vendor reaches past

Sarah to obtain his payment.

It’s reassuring to note that

No matter what,

There will be pain next year

and more clashing of colors.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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