'2015 Slam for Suicide Awareness and Prevention' Slam for Suicide Awareness and Prevention Scholarship

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All it takes is someone who cares and I care Someone to look back at you when you stare and I'm here To wipe the blood from your wrist, to give you these words to replace a hug or a kiss
it never stops the noise within  no breaks no holidays no timeouts  Consistency  Intensity waves of volume weigh me down particular voices come to mind always pessimestic
I wrote this Poem for thosein the dark feelingcold and aloneThis Is Dark and Cold: Underneath my sheets I cry myself to sleep I think how can a human like me feel any less than a human like you
Your friends cares about you  There is so much in the world to see Life gets better Your life matters to me You wouldn't get to eat tacos You have your soulmate waiting for you
REWIND If you really knew me, You'd recognize the pain in my eyes From every word, every lie, every part of me that tried to hide... From you And your goons
I've been robbed. Robbed of all sources of light- Robbed of the light of feelings of worthiness robbed of the lights of dance  and laughter robbed of the drive to seek out more lights-  
I never thought about mythical beings as being anything but legend I fought past my imagination long ago And let childish dreams die I looked at faeries and imps, goddesses and sprites Nothing but words on paper
She was like vanilla and chocolate swirl, she was the best of both worlds. Beautiful and smart, did her part and played it smart.
I’ve never liked pictures of myself. It creeps me out, hundreds of years from now someone looking at a picture of me. Now a rotting body beneath them. I said i didn’t want people to remember me.
I did not cry I did not mourn I was not alone It wasn't cold It wasn't dark It wasn't Me I sat at the table with the rest of my family playing cards and laughing because 
Dedicated to all the people who took there life when they thought nobody knew how they felt...   Where is the light That once shined so bright
You might know him as Mr. Keating, Or maybe as the voice of the Genie. Perhaps you have seen him in Goodwill Hunting as Sean Maguire, Or his desire to grow closer to his children as Mrs. Doubtfire.
I still remember The last time you called me. It was hard to understand you You were sobbing so hard. "I can't do it." "It's so hard To keep living." "I have no purpose."
She saw the red but, was blind to the pain. She saw the tears but, never wiped them away Her broken heart screamed for lost child once warm in this world But she never hear their screams.
I am sorry she’s gone -Pushing daisies in a better place. Her parents will claim it as an accident. We’ll just go with that.
2.28.10   it took me 6 years to forget all the drunken beers to forget the shattered mirrors to forget all the shedded tears
  society. kill yourself you don’t look like the stars kill yourself snorting those beautiful yellow bars drugs, money, fame
      The air is hard to breathe. Nights are too long and the days are too bright. It is hard to see the world as others
Do you wanna know what I absolutely hate about you? Not dislike, nor envy, but hate about you? When you have bumps in life like a car that hits a pot hole, you shutdown, but why?
It's constantly being trapped in skin you detest. It's pork flesh. Dry and coarse to the touch. You want to use the nearest pocket knife to revel something better for yourself and others.
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