kill yourself

you don’t look like the stars

kill yourself

snorting those beautiful yellow bars

drugs, money, fame

but sweetie your brain won’t be the same

kill yourself

go on, end the pain

don’t just do an attention seeking attempt for God sake

your life will not be the same

kill yourself come on just like your Dad

kill yourself just make the world a little more glad

kill yourself it’s glamourfied now

I bet there is a YouTube video to show you how

Whitney, Robin, Amy, Kurt, & Anna Nicole Smith

those beautifully damaged celebrities that we all miss

but what about Jadin, Tyler, William, and Ken?

just some names of teenagers that took their own lives

but of course we’ll never hear about them

crazy what you can find with one click of a button

about kids that no longer had the strength to function

now let me tell you about a man named Mike

from young on he could never stay out of a fight

gangs, guts, guns kept him on the run

dawgs, drugs, detectives kept him from his objectives

beer, babes, brawls kept him from the much wanted heaven walls

now let’s put this on fast forward

they met

they slept

she wept

he left

I came

he shamed

Mom’s strong

He’s gone.

kill yourself follow in Flaco’s footsteps

the urge I’ll admit sometimes feels like the reaper will finally get his long awaited projects

you’re too fat

you're too small

you’re too short

you’re too tall

you’re black

you’re white

you’re muslim

...wait you’re alright

you’re not all that

you’re dumb

you’re bright

your hair is pulled up to tight

you’re clothes aren’t in

you’re showing too much skin

you’re wrong, I’m right

kill yourself

just say goodnight



This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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